Starting Copper Collection - Falk vs. Bourgeat


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Starting Copper Collection - Falk vs. Bourgeat

olympia | Apr 11, 2011 04:47 PM

So, my cheapy copper pan has really whetted my appetite for more copper - I think this might be a common occurrence from reading through past threads on the subject. I'm thinking about being a little insane and selling my All Clad collection (not that big!) and moving to copper.

I'm considering Falk and Bourgeat because they both offer rolled rims. Aesthetically I think I prefer the shiny exterior but I could look past it if Falk seems better overall.

I'm considering:

1) An 11 in saute in Falk or an 11 in braiser in Bourgeat. Thoughts on which is preferable? It's either two short handles or one long and one short.

2) Saucier(s). First off, is a Bourgeat Flared Sauce Pan the same construction as the Falk Saucier?

I'd like a saucier or two but I'm not positive which size would be best. I've got a 3 qt saucier from All Clad that I really like but I feel like a larger one could be helpful as well as a smaller. I'd like something for sauces/reductions.

3) Saucepan (?) I'd like a smaller sauce pan but I'm not sure whether or not it'd be worthwhile or just better to get a saucier instead. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

I'm contemplating this set from Bourgeat with a braiser, flared saute, sauce and casserole -

The other option would be a saute and possibly two sauciers and/or a saute from Falk.

Thanks so much!

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