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Starter Pots and Pans - Another Post.

Daederik | Apr 8, 2010 07:22 AM

Hi everyone,

So I'm sure there are previous threads on this topic, but I believe that each household is a bit different...

I'm getting ready to move over to the UK from the States, my fiance and I have just purchased a home out there.

We're a young couple, first home, not looking at having any children so really a general dinner prep would be for her and I, although the occasional dinner party could boost the number to 6-10 people. I'm considered a bit of a "Foodie" by my friends, and in general a good cook...but I've never owned a set of "quality pans".

So, starting from scratch from the pots/pans department, this is what I"m thinking about

Saute Pan (For...just about everything)
Non-stick Skillet (mainly for eggs)
Maybe a medium/lg sauce pan (I have a small one already)
Roasting pan
Stock pot
Maybe a dutch oven for stews.
I've already picked up a Wok.

(Gas hob)

Am I missing something important? What brands/models do you recommend? Money IS an object, I can't afford to spend an obnoxious amount on the stuff, but I do want something that is going to last a long time, and has that "Feel" of quality. So "Best bang for the buck" if you would...

Any advice is appreciated - be nice to the n00b though :)

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