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Started a quest for amazing cooked fish…? (with my rankings thus far)


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Started a quest for amazing cooked fish…? (with my rankings thus far)

calf | Nov 6, 2012 06:47 PM

Where to go? Bonus if it would be low-end or mid-range dining. Obvious targets:
Chinatown, because of steamed live-fresh fish. Maybe a secret Thai restaurant somewhere. Or salmon collar in some izakaya. Le Bernardin, because obviously.

My quest began with the subjective rankings below. I am interested in other genres of restaurants and species of fish. If it is earth-shatteringly good, I will definitely be interested and look into it.

••• [excellent]
Per Se - Halibut
Corton - Monkfish
Corton - Madai
ABC Kitchen - Black Sea Bass

•• [highly recommend]
EMP - John Dory (ca. 2010)
Hearth - Swordfish
Babbo - Branzino
JG - Black Sea Bass

• [would order again]
Robataya - Anago
Tsukushi - Hake
L'Artusi - Tilefish
Tsukushi - Mackerel
Sushi Yasuda - Chilean Sea Bass
Atera - Halibut

+ [very nice and tasty]
The Modern - Cobia
The Modern - Cod
Bouley - two fishes
Aldea - Monkfish
JG - Red Snapper
JG - Turbot
Acme - Red Snapper

n.b.: This list is more about the flavor and texture of the fish alone (which of course can be highly variable); the sauces and accompaniments may be fantastic, but I don't particularly account for that here. For example Aldea's Monkfish is a must-order due to everything else happening in the dish.

p.s.: Despite this list of restaurants, I really mean it regarding low-end dining. Last week I had the best tilapia, ever, and from a deli, of all places, and would put it under • if only it were within NYC.

p.p.s.: The ecosystem is important. To that end I hope to strive for small quantity, high quality.

What kind of fish have you liked?

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