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To Start a New Thread or Not Start a New Thread?


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To Start a New Thread or Not Start a New Thread?

Dave Feldman | Jul 3, 2006 02:19 AM

Here's my philosophical question.

Tonight, I went to a restaurant in Manhattan called Crispo. With the great new advanced search mechanism, it was easy for me to see this most recent thread about it. Here was the original post of the thread:

"Went to Crispo last night and had a great meal. The carbonara was great, as were the risotto balls. The waiter was attentive and helpful. The bill for 2 people with 2 apps, 2 pastas and a bottle of wine was $100 (incl tip). The back garden is a hidden gem. The interior is also very welcoming."

This was posted in June 22 and it received three or four replies, the most recent ten days ago. I went with two friends and as it happened, I ordered the risotto balls and carbonara (and enjoyed them). I have a few things to add. If I were to post on the old software, I think I almost certainly would start a new thread, as a reply this late would find primarily folks using Hot Posts (the reply would be buried). On the new software, a new reply would send the thread up to the top for those people who choose to sort by new reply rather than when a thread is originated.

I understand why some old threads are being dredged up. It's not original posters bumping up their posts, but rather, I assume, folks who used the search mechanism. As a user who is sorting by latest reply, all things being equal, I'd just as soon folks reply to old threads if they are just reviewing the restaurant.

My take on the restaurant is very similar to the O.P.'s. I have a couple of other things to recommend, and a general piece of advice about what I might not order there. What would you do if you were me? Start a new thread or reply to the old one (FWIW, this restaurant seems to generate many O.P.'s but relatively few replies to them).

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