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when did you start to become interested in food?


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when did you start to become interested in food?

umbushi plum | Jan 15, 2009 02:19 PM

please forgive me if this subject has been covered, i was wondering when everyone became interested in cooking/food in general. young, or was it something you came into later in life?

for me it started early, i can remember my nonna making fresh pasta and killing chickens (a little scary especially for a two year old) but the end result was beautiful i can remeber watching her and helping make sauce and the sweets oh the sweets! tiramisu, palmero and cannoli.

and when i was eight i was addicted to ready-steady cook. i would practice meals on my family i remeber making a youghurt vegtable soup (didn't work out to well but no one complained bless em) and a rolled stuffed chicken breast with bread crumbs and feta and herbs that was a lot nicer than the soup!

by my teens i was cooking every night for the family, my mum and dad worked full-time (actually they still do i'm only seventeen so still in my teens!) , soups, lasagne, curries, all sorts of pasta and rice dishes fish, chciken dishes from all over the world. so for me its been a hobbie almost from birth what about you?

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