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A stalker's first post...NOLA advice plans and pizza

all4allfood | Feb 25, 201504:34 PM     14

Greetings all and thank you for having such an active an informative board!

I'm planning my first trip in over 20 years to NOLA this weekend and while I personally want to devour every single thing I can get my hands on that are unique to the grand Crescent City, my BF simply won't stand for 3 days without....drumroll....pizza. As y'all seem to be in the know on all things food related (how you keep up, I don't know because there are more restaurants packed into the small city than NYC it seems!) I'm hoping you'd be willing to review what I have planned so far, make suggestions/edits where I simply overlooked something obvious and first and foremost - direct me to the best slice in the city.

I should mention that he hails from Central Ohio so he's used to the very thin crust, round pies that are cut into squares, much like the Chicago thin crust pies. I'm not sure if that bit of into will influence the responses but I'm trying to appease since he's already agreed to let me control the rest of the eating! BTW - this is his first trip to NOLA so I surely do not want to disappoint lest he not allow us to return!

We won't have a car, but are staying right on the edge of FQ & CBD so should be able to get around fairly easily.

Here's what I've come up with so far - btw, we're more of the snacker/sharer types so I don't intend all of these spots to be full orders for each of us.

Friday: late arrival - post 10:00 pm so....Coop's (hey, maybe I can just get him that slice of pizza at Hartsfield, that layover counts as part of the trip right?)

Saturday: (FQ focused)

Breafast: Cafe du Monde (he's a sweets freak)
Lunchish: Central Grocery - split a 1/2 muffalletta
Post lunchish: ACME or Felix's - oysters and/or po'boys
Dinner: 6:30 @ Antoine's - been on my bucket list my whole life so no going back on this
Late night - Harrah's as a reference point but I doubt we'll want anything to eat

Sunday: (Garden District Focused)

Breakfast: The Olde Coffee Shop (Calas and Egg Sardou are my mission)
Lunch: struggling with making a decision on this one. Probably something low key as we'll be busting at the gut from breakfast! Suggestions? Pizza shops by the slice anywhere?
Dinner: Bacchanal (I know it's not in the GD but we'll want to clean up before heading out)

Monday: no plans on what part of the city to explore deeper will decide after the first 2 days

Breakfast: I don't want to eat a morsel until we get to brunch
Brunch: 11:30 @ Atchafalaya
Dinner: Mr. B's - gumbo ya ya is my mission but open to altering to lighten things up or be sure to hit a not to miss.

Tuesday: back to sub-zero temps :-( oh...and salads and steamed fish for the next 6 months to recover from this trip!)

Taxi to MSY: Thoughts on grabbing Willie Mae's or Dookey Chase's for takeout fried chicken? I've not oriented myself on the map re: either location to the airport would either location work? Sorry for my laziness on this topic but the trip just sprung up on us as he remembered he had a voucher he had to use before the end of February. I've been busy finding places to eat and making reso's ;-)

Thanks in advance and I promise a thorough trip report in return for your graciousness in sharing your wisdom.

Thank you!

Crescent City Steak House
Crescent City Brewhouse
Coop's Place
Café Du Monde Riverwalk
Central Grocery & Deli
Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar
Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits
Willie Mae's Scotch House
Antoine's Restaurant
Antoine's Famous Cakes
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