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Do I really need stainless and Le Creuset?

HungryHoya | Apr 23, 201208:08 AM

I'm trying to edit my list of kitchen essentials down (small kitchen, minimalist inclination), and wondering if I really need traditional stainless cookware that my family wants to get my fiance and I for our wedding.

I recently received two Le Creuset dutch ovens- one 9qt round and a 6 3/4 qt oval. I love them both, and use them all the time, but there are some things they are just too big for. I have a 3.5 qt. braiser and a 5.5 qt. round coming my way that my parents have purchased for our wedding gift. I am loving the Le Creuset- it cooks perfectly on our quirky glass stovetop, and it's practical for the kind of meals we make in our limited prep-space kitchen. A former roommate had several smaller Le Creusets, and I remember them also being awesome for rice, veggies, eggs, pasta- they were the only cookware we had so I used them for everything.

Some family members expressed wanting to buy us some cookware for our upcoming wedding. I did a lot of research about what the "essentials" are supposed to be- but we're not exactly starting from scratch. We will have 4 pieces of Le Creuset, an uncoated cast iron skillet, and a large pasta pot. Truthfully, our collection of Le Creuset is more than is necessary, but I prefer it to anything else and am hoping that it makes other cookware unnecessary for us. I think I'd be better off getting a small (2 or 3 qt. round) oven to round out my collection. Is there anything I couldn't cook with that collection of cookware? The only potential advantages l can think of for stainless (I'm looking at Cuisinart Multiclad) is that it heats up faster and is lighter.

What do you think- can comparably-sized Le Creuset stand in for stainless or do we really saucepans and all that? With this collection, do you see any need for a slow cooker, rice cooker, or wok?

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