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Stained Stemware


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Stained Stemware

RicRios | Apr 30, 2004 10:44 AM

Whenever I put stemware in the dishwasher it comes out badly stained, courtesy of the Los Angeles DWP.
I've tried all available dishwasher detergents, none works.
The only available water treatment item that seems to be able to handle this type of problem is a water softener.
Unfortunately, these devices are too bulky, require a lot of maintenance, and seem to be designed to treat the whole house water supply.
My ideal solution would be a small, under-the-counter water softener attached to the hose going into the dishwasher.
Anybody heard of anything like that?

BTW, hand washing eliminates stains, but creates other problems, besides the labor issue: the cloth used to dry the stems will leave insides full of lint, no matter what: I've tried linen, so-called "lint-free" microfibers, &etc.

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