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St. Louis Ethiopian - Addis

kbear | Jun 2, 2003 05:55 PM

Last week my eating club returned to Addis, the Ethiopian place that has moved from a tiny shop on Delmar to a much larger, stand-alone place on Olive at Kingsland. Or is it Kingsbury? Anyway, you turn north on the street that Cicero's is now at and go up a few blocks.

When we first arrived at 7, the place was empty and seemed quite large. Two TVs and some music blared and I thought - uh oh. But the decor was not bad and there were intruiging little grass tables along one wall. The chairs are standard high school auditorium and the tables a bit wobbly, but the floor was clean. The biggest change was the menu. Now, the first four pages are american "specialties" like burgers and fries, jalopeno poppers, even fried raviolis. I was knocked for a loop. Finally, we found the Ethiopian fare on the last two pages. In retrospect, this americanization of the menu would allow you to bring a less-adventurous diner with you. Say, hmm, my husband?

By the time we ordered, the place was beginning to fill up. By the time we left, it was full, and with good reason. Ethiopian food is GOOD. Being from the St. Louis area, I was slow to catch on to the fact that the kind of food served at Addis is just as authentic in its genre as Indian, Japanese or Chinese. We need to say to ourselves, Hey, let's go out for Ethiopian!

I am not going to review each dish, as I did that the last time we went to Addis. Suffice it to say that the sampler platter is magnificent, and if you want to order just one dish, make it the Lamb Ye Beg We't with sides of Cabbage and Ye Misir Kik We't (pureed split red lentils in berebere sauce). Don't order the chicken unless you like a fairly ordinary, slightly spicy, leg of chicken.

Prices are very affordable and Addis has a full liquor license. Service is very nice and fairly quick. Children are welcomed. I continue to call this my most adventurous, favorite food in town. We also saw one of the famed owners of Bar Italia while dining here, so we are not the only ones to like this food. Try it, you might be surprised.

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