What SS cookware has *not* warped for you on glass/smoothtop?

Cadwr | Jan 12, 202109:34 AM     29

Hi, I'm new here but not new to cooking as I've been married 20+ years. Most of my original wedding SS got tossed and I bought a lot of Le Creuset, an eclectic mix of SS skillets (whatever was at Kohls randomly), and even vintage visionware and corningware that can go on the stove. The clad Tramontina and Food Network skillets have not warped but the Calphalon has. We recently ruined the Le Creuset 30cm shallow braiser (not sure the quarts, there's a 30 on the bottom), so I'm short pans at this point. I'm also making some effort to learn new cooking techniques, so I want pans that will grow with me.

I *think* what I want is 1) a saucier and 2) a skillet, possibly also 3) a weeknight pan. I've been researching and reading at CenturyLife, Chowhound, etc.:

-Demeyere proline and industry5
-All-Clad (of course)
-De Buyer Pro Mineral B (carbon steel with stainless handle)

I'm also open to replacing the Le Creuset that bit the dust. With no rivets and no warping, it's an easy win. It just isn't so great for scrambled eggs with bacon or basically anything where you want to be nimble. Like yesterday I was making carbonara where they wanted you to add the mixture back on the stove and warm *gently* to thicken. I could do this just fine on my visionware (yes you may laugh!) but it was very hard in the Le Creuset.

Things I'd like to do more adroitly:
-pie filling--I need a saucier, maybe a couple sizes, but seriously a saucier.
-fish tacos--I'm using this as an example. I tend to bake most meats and I could improve.
-omelettes--what is the correct size for a 3-4 egg omelette? I've been doing them in small skillets and the rivets are an issue.

The pans/brands do not have to match but can be specific to the use. I'm just going to feel silly if I buy "nicer" SS and have them warp after minimal problems with our eclectic mix for 20+ years.

No severe budget constraints. Dh washes, so probably no copper though I am curious to know if it would survive. I'm a much more conservative cook than I was in my Ferrari cooking youth. (Not that I cooked for ferrari, but I just cranked it up high to go fast. Now I'm more restrained, set a timer, do something, wait for it to preheat.)

What works on your glasstop for those purposes? I've seen @Vfish 's comments, so I know some things can warp even when used kindly. However the hybrid Lagostina Accademia Vfish recommends isn't available here. So I think I'm looking for clad, and I know some clad can survive glass tops, just not sure what to try.

Thank you in advance.

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