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Squeeze Inn opens in Reno

SteveTimko | Feb 10, 200808:02 AM

The people who run the Squeeze Inn in Truckee opened one in northwest Reno in a strip mall that touches McCarran Boulevard. It's on Las Brisas Boulevard about halfway between West Seventh Street and Kings Row.
Squeeze Inn is a breakfast and lunch place specializing in omelettes. Lots of them. While I liked my omelette, I would say my meal there was just okay. I'll eat there again but I don't think it's worth the trip out there especially to eat the food.
I went there the first week they opened and walked in the door about 20 minutes before they were scheduled to close. They said I still had plenty of time and the service was top notch.
I ordered an omelette with bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes.
The omelette itself was good, although not great. The bacon is a good quality bacon. The mushrooms were good. The tomatoes were the kind that looked good but don't have much tomato flavor.
Now here's what I didn't like about the place. First off, only one slice of toast with an omelette. I'm sorry, but I think when an omelette costs $10.50 it should come with a second slice of toast. I ordered an additional side order of toast. One slice was fine but the other was hard and dry, like it was the end piece of bread in the loaf that had been open for a day or so. I was going to complain about it, but they didn't charge me for it.
My second gripe is the potatoes they use. They cut up the potatoes into uneven size chunks and fry them. So my potatoes were cooked unevenly. I had some that were pretty much burned crisp on one end while others were almost raw. I hate hate HATE these kind of potatoes. The only restaurant I've seen that's been able to cook these properly is the old Coffee Grinder on Keystone Avenue. They used to slow roast the potatoes. When I eat at the Squeeze Inn again I'm going to ask if there is something to substitute for the potatoes.
And the thing I like least about the Squeeze Inn is actually not the food. They have some kind of marketing campaign where you sign up and for every dollar you spend you earn points towards a free Squeeze Inn meal. Fine. Except in filling out the application for the rewards card, they ask for your address, your email and your telephone number. Even your cell phone number.
And they say on the application that by applying for the card you agree to let them call you and pitch affiliated programs. So you're basically setting yourself up to be called and pitched whatever else the marketing program wants to pitch to you; And while the service was excellent, the server was a little too aggressive in trying to get me to apply for the card, I think. It makes me wonder if there's some kind of bonus for the restaurant or employees from the marketing company running the rewards program for each customer they sign up.
The Truckee Squeeze Inn has names from customers scrawled all over the wall. They're doing that at the Reno Squeeze Inn as well. I thought about finding a spot and claiming it for Chowhounds to come in and sign their names. By the end of the meal, though, the experience was sufficiently negative that I decided it wasn't that special of a place.

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