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Sporadic Vegas Eats during my weekend visit


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Sporadic Vegas Eats during my weekend visit

Xericx | Aug 16, 2005 12:07 AM

Thanks for the recommendations, but honestly, we were in a big group of people and not a lot of people wanted to venture off to try Fix or Cafe Babareeba, esp. with schedules conflicting etc.


Meal 1: Got into town, hungry, lines everywhere.....I was at Cesar's Palace, so I ate in the food court setup they had there. Horrible. Never again.

Meal 2: Mesa Grill for brunch. I ordered the:

with Grilled Red Onions, Roasted Peppers and
Avocado Relish

This dish wasn't as good as previous visits to Mesa Grill It was ok, but I didn't particularly enjoy the onions, peppers, capers, relish, etc accompanying the dish. The sirloin itself was fairly good, the eggs mediocre. It started off with some great breads. It being brunch, it wasn't too pricy. I had a better meal here last time though, but I won't mind coming back.

Snack: Had an AWESOME chocolate frozen drink in the chocolate store in Ceaser's new addition to the Forum. It was a dark-more bitter type of chocolate. Only complaint was a large chunk of ice at the bottom. It was really good though.

Meal 3: I was in a rush to go to an event, picked up Nachos at La Salsa. Chain, mediocre, cheap, etc.

Steak and Eggs at the Barbary Coast: A Vegas classic....the $7.95 steak and eggs at the back of the Barbary Coast at 4:00am. It was.....uhh...$7.95. :)

Then we moved hotels to the Hard Rock

Meal 4: Pink Taco: Fish Tacos- looked more like fish sticks in a taco shell. Didn't taste as bad as it looked. Had a few margaritas and sangria, which was great on the outdoor patio.

Meal 5: I went to some Pho restaurant across the street from the Hard Rock. I really liked the pho and it was cheap and filling. Had the Pho Tai and it also had some other meats. The egg roll wasn't as good though. Finished it off with some vietnamese coffee...

There was a Baravian restaurant across the street from that (Harmon and Paradise)...anyone try?

Meal 6: Mr. Luckys...just got a quick bite to fill out the stomach before a night of boozin'. French onion soup...pretty blah.

Meal 7: Pink Taco: Carne Asada: I liked this plate. Came with a chicken enchilada....the carne asada is kind of how I like my Carne Asada (grilled and a bit overspiced). Good with Guacamole. Beans and rice were horrible.

I go to Vegas often, I might go again this upcoming weekend, where hopefully I can have the chance to try out Fix or Cafe babareeba. Not sure, a lot of things in this town are spur of the moment, as it hits you.

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