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We are so spoiled!

roxlet | Nov 2, 200903:33 AM

Living in Egypt has put some things in context regarding food. I, for one, have commented on pizza, for example. This one's crust isn't thin enough, that one's crust doesn't have the perfect char, you name it, and we Chowhounds-- myself included -- have beaten the subject to death. Here I am in Cairo, and I would be THRILLED to have any of the pizzas I had formerly turned my nose up at. The "best" pizza here doesn't come close to what is generally available in my NY Tristate area. And which aged beef is better than another aged beef, and which steakhouse has the best steak. I'd take any steakhouse at this point! The meat here is not aged and tends to be very tough, and the US concept of a steak, that is a thick, juicy piece of meat, doesn't exist. And basic kitchen supply items, like a cooking rack for cakes that you can get in any hardware store, Kmart, whatever in the US, just doesn't exist.

Living in the US, despite what problems there may be with our food supply, (see The Carnivore's Dilemma) we have amazing food and unbelievable choices. Despite some occasionally good food here, there is much that is not available. This spoiled American is trying to figure out how to do without!

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