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Splitz Burgers, Vancouver: tower o' beef

grayelf | May 17, 200808:51 PM

We finally decided that our burger denial caused by the long closure of Moderne Burger needed to be overcome and headed to Splitz on Main for some flamed beef. When I called to check on hours, the person who answered the phone warned me it was very hot in the resto (temps here appeared to have soared to the high 20s, low 30s, extremely unseasonable -- for any season). We figured we'd brave it and it was bearable.

At Splitz you order at the counter then tell the staffer what you want on you bun, then pick up your foil wrapped offering on a tray. I like to eat such a messy beasty off a proper plate but that is a small quibble. I assume not having table service saves a whack of cash.

We all ordered variations on the Legendary Splitz burger, which comes with barbeque sauce. I eschewed said sauce and think I made the right call as J. felt it battled with his chosen Dijon mustard. I'm just not a fan of BBQ sauce unless it is on ribs that have been cooking for a day or three :-). All three burgs had a nice char and were well cooked without being dry. I was a bit leery of the addition of finely grated cheese to the bun (I prefer it melted on the patty) but it worked just fine.

There are a number of toppings to choose from including fresh salsa, humous and other more exotic fare but I wanted a benchmark burger so kept it basic: garlic mayo, ketchup, yellow mustard, lettuce and tomatoes. Full marks for using iceberg (what else you gonna have on a burger, huh?) and beefsteak tomatoes but chiffonading the former and thinly slicing the latter.

Although the finished product looks a bit like the Tower of Pisa pre-lean, you can actually get your mitts (and teeth) around it to get a bite of everything at once, which to me is an integral part of the burger experience.

Accessories included fries and a drink for the boys, and onion rings and a shake for me (yes, I sacrificed myself in the name of research). The fries, which I stole several of, looked a bit sketchy but were actually pretty tasty, especially considering they had been lurking under the heat lamps while the burgers were cooked. The onion rings were everything I feel an OR should be: crispy, thin batter, thin well cooked onion slices, nothing fancy and just greasy enough. The milkshake (vanilla, another benchmark) was decent but nothing to write home about. It actually had some ice crystals which I am not a fan of but it was real ice cream. At $4.75 it was smallish too.

The bill for three of us was $37 and change, so not bank breaking and we were all very full (some fries didn't get eaten). I will definitely return for my next burger splurge (unless of course Moderne opens up again, and then all bets are off!).

Splitz Grill Main Street Ltd
4242 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V3P9, CA

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