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how to split the check?


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how to split the check?

cheryl_h | Jul 26, 2006 02:20 PM

All the talk of expensive eating, stealing meals and tipping got me thinking about group dining when some diners are clearly consuming much more than others. I eat out with colleagues when we're at meetings so I confront this problem fairly often. I don't drink alcohol (it gives me headaches) and I'm not a big eater. It's rare than I have more than a small appetizer and main course, and I'm not the only one eating lightly. But some of my companions will have three or more courses with wine, liqueurs and cocktails all of which make for an impressive bill at the end of an evening.

In most cases someone will just divide up the bill equally and no-one objects. On occasion when I expect a very lopsided bill, I'll ask for a separate check when we're seated. Is this being petty? How do other people deal with this situtation?

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