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Splenda: splendid, or a recipe for the runs?


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Splenda: splendid, or a recipe for the runs?

The Pie Queen | Apr 1, 2002 05:46 PM

I am on a low-carb kick, and as my handle suggests, I have a major sweet tooth. I can give up the white bread but can't live without my strong black tea with sugar in the morning. I hate the taste of Equal and the like. So I bought a box of this new Splenda stuff today.

The first thing I noticed is that the box is unbelievably light. It feels empty. Yet, the box I bought claims to have the same sweetening power as a 2 pound bag of sugar. Eerie. I poured some of the stuff onto a napkin once I got home. It looks like that artificial snow that people sprinkle onto little winter village scenes. It's light and flaky and not at all like real sugar. I tried some- wow! It tastes just...well, /almost/ plain old white sugar! So the conspiracy theorist in me thinks this is too good to be true. Of course, the splenda web site lists all the safety studies that have been done. But this whole thing reminds me of the Olestra fiasco, with people downing bags of fat-free chips and ending up on the toilet for a week. What the heck IS this stuff?? Is it going to kill me, or make me grow facial hair or a tail or something? Has anyone else tried it? And has anyone cooked with it? I found a cookbook online for desserts made with this stuff, and have been fantisizing about making puddings and tarts that would coincide with my new, "I'm turning 30 soon so I better get my act together" diet.

Any opinions or personal experiences would be appreciated.

The Carb-lovin' Pie Queen

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