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Splenda - my first encounter and it wasn't pleasant


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Splenda - my first encounter and it wasn't pleasant

Coyote | May 25, 2005 07:30 AM

A friend gave me a home baked peanut butter cookie, mentioning she'd used splenda to make it. The first bite seemed fine until I experience a sudden burst of extreme sweetness followed by a shockingly horrid chemical aftertaste. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, I managed to choke down the rest of the cookie but it was a mighty struggle. What is up with this stuff? I "get" some people feeling it is necessary to eat low glycemic, understand that for diabetics splenda is helpful. I am very concerned, however, about articles I've read recently saying get ready for food manufacturers and restaurants to increase their reliance on this splenda in the name of eating more "healthy." I sure hope labels and menus clearly point out where splenda lurks so I, for one, can avoid it!

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