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Splenda Disaster

nooodles | May 25, 200511:40 AM

Has anyone else out there tried to bake something with Splenda with disastrous results? I know there have been a lot of discussions about the chemical and characteristic differences between the two, but I never had a real problem using a sugar/Splenda blend.

A few days ago, I decided to try my standard banana bread recipe using just splenda. I've baked this bread many times without any problems. With the Splenda, I:

-couldn't get the butter and "sugar" to whip together properly. It stayed gritty for quite a long time
-had to leave it in the oven for ages to get it to bake all the way through. The bread usually takes 40 minutes at 350, but I had it in there this time for over 90 minutes.

After it cooled, I cut into it to find a dense, half-baked center. The outside of the bread was much darker than usual because I'd left it in the oven so long, but the middle was moist and very dense. The bread barely rose at all, whereas usually the top plumps up a bit. The top is also usually rounded and risen, and this time it was cracked all over.

What a waste of ingredients. I guess it's a lesson learned for me: Splenda really isn't the same as sugar. They need to stop advertising it as a perfect substitute.

For those who still want to try, I have had luck using a 1/2 sugar, 1/2 splenda mix for brownies. Perhaps it works because brownies are supposed to be dense anyway.

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