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Spinach as a garlic vehicle


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Spinach as a garlic vehicle

Mrs. Smith | Jan 6, 2004 03:11 PM

I had some bagged baby spinach leftover from a dish made last week, and after thoroughly sorting and de-stemming it I decided just to pan-saute it.

I'm a garlic lover, and since I was eating this dish solo (husband cannot abide spinach, poor thing) I took a huge clove of garlic and put it in my little "garlic mandoline" type shaver thing. It makes tiny, paper-thin slices of garlic clove.

I heated about a whole whopping teaspoon of olive oil in a nonstick pan, then added this generous amound of garlic shavings. I let it cook on medium for about 45 seconds -- not enough to even make the garlic color slightly -- then I added the slightly wet spinach.

Covered the pan, let it cook for another minute or two, then tossed thoroughly with some tongs.

WHY don't I eat this every night? It was so delicious -- the soft but not browned thin garlic shavings wrapping themselves around the just-cooked spinach masses. Ooooo delicious. It didn't even need salt, pepper, or lemon juice to be delicious.

I know people cook garlic and spinach together all the time (one of the major principles behind good creamed spinach of course) -- but why, when I see sauteed spinach recipes do they have me mincing one half clove of garlic for an entire 6 cups worth of raw spinach. The ratio of garlic should be much higher -- and these thin shavings are delicious.

Anybody else enjoy spinach this way?

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