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Spicy gingerbread...thanks LindaMc!

Carb Lover | Dec 12, 200512:35 PM

Thanks to LindaMc for posting her wonderful triple gingerthreat cake (what I'm dubbing this) recipe and also to JeffW for reminding me about it! From just reading the recipe, I knew this was going to be excellent and have great depth of flavor. Below is a link to Linda's recipe, as well as a photo of the regal dark beauty. It looks like a chocolate cake at first glance, but get w/in nose shot and you will know this most certainly is not! (It's better IMO!)

I used the same bundt pan I used to make the ginger molasses cake from Epicurious. My report for that cake can be found here: [BROKEN LINK REMOVED]

Since this recipe made less batter than that, it was a perfect fit. I buttered and floured the pan, and the butter was much better than the canola spray I used last time...no icky residue. I intended to follow the recipe exactly, but realized that I was short of a cup of molasses so only used about 2/3 cup. I may not have ground out as much black pepper as called for. The other thing is that I somehow missed that I was supposed to add the dry ingredients to wet before adding coffee, baking soda, and OJ. I added the dry ingredients last and it blended together fine. This batter was a little looser and darker than the ginger molasses cake. Licking the bowl was alot of fun!!

One challenge was that I made this for my husband to bring to work, but knew that I had to have a taste (just to make sure I wouldn't poison his co-workers of course :-)). Since there was plenty of batter, I just made a separate mini-cake in a ramekin. That one got done in 30 min. while the bundt cake got done around 45 min. The smell while baking wasn't as intense as the EPI cake, which I attributed to less molasses and ground ginger (I used 7 tsp. before).

How did it taste? Really incredible. What struck me the most is how all the unique spicing and liquids coalesced into ONE flavor. They really came together well and no one flavor overpowered the other. The kind of spice cake that is rich and complex but mellow enough to please a crowd. Unfortunately, my sample cake didn't have any crystallized ginger bits, but what a treat my husband's co-workers will have when they hit one.

As LindaMc described, this cake has a slightly "sticky" texture, which is great for a dessert cake. The increased moisture from the fresh ginger, coffee, and OJ along w/ the combo of butter and oil give it the luscious wetness that my previous cake lacked. I can see how this would be perfect w/ a dollop of soft whipped cream and stewed fruit, as Linda suggested. The only thing I might change is to up the ground ginger to 2 tsp. if making this for myself since I'm a ginger nut. I liked the warmth it gave in the back of my throat last time...

For now, I'm going to keep both cakes in my repertoire (or maybe work towards a hybrid). I see myself making this for a nice dessert w/ accompaniments while the other has a simplicity in flavor and relative dryness that makes it good for breakfast or as a snack w/ tea. Now I have to run out and get some more molasses! What type/brand do you molasses lovers recommend??

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