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spiced orange mocha fudge fail :(

lovemyfizzer82 | Jun 21, 201212:26 AM

New to the site =) names Lauren and I looooove to cook. I may not be the best, and the things i cook may not always come out - but i have fun with it and when things turn out....mmmmmmmmm do they ; )

I decided I was going to google some form of..exotic, if you will, fudge.

Initially I wanted to make an orange creamsicle fudge, and then quickly realized I had ZERO white chocolate. And apparently there isnt a way to make a white fudge without white chocolate(and/or candy thermometer)? and if there is, someone needs to inform google so that it can make my life a *smidge* more easy...or is it a smidge easier...whats the proper way to phrase that?! LOL

Now, I know its probably not the smartest thing in the world, (but then again how else do you learn..without schooling or some god given talent for cooking lol), but when I cant find a recipe exactly matching what Im looking for or what I have/want , Ill improvise the best I can - basically finding a recipe closely resembling what im looking for and adding a little of this and a little of that, adding extra flavors into the main recipe.

So I come across a random orange mocha ...something, recipe during my extensive google search for chocolate chip-less orange creamsicle fudge.
I even had options!
powdered sugar, sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, brown sugar, white sugar, evaporated milk, 2% milk (lol) - pretty much everything involved in the making of fudge except for those damn white chocolate chips! I have no chips at all, UGGGG!
so I eventually come upon and settle for a spiced orange mocha fudge...

sounds good, no?

well youre wrong. it wasnt good, it was delicious.
So wheres the problem?


well much like the way I never follow a recipe exactly (if i did i would probably avoid these situations...maybe haha)- i never really plan and or prepare anything too much ahead of time. its like ive got my eye on the prize (potentially awesome food) and all im thinking about is how good its going to be. when its done, so I rush with out meaning to.

MORAL OF THE STORY (i know, im sorry, if you're still with me here, thank you haha)
the 'fudge' wont set, its more like an 8x8 pan of thick cold and sticky- spiced orange mocha marshmallow fluff.

Is there anything I can do with this? maybe heat up this sticky mess and add confectioners sugar? perhaps not keep it fudge at all and incorporate it into some other dessert recipe?

Again, if youre still here, THANK YOU lol

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