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Do I really want to spend $693 on a bottle of wine?

john | Feb 19, 200810:20 AM

So I went to a very pleasant dinner in Vail over the weekend with fantastic food from appetizers through dessert - the issue, however, was the service. First of all they completely switched one of our appetizers - gave us an entirely different pasta without asking. The waiter came over 3 times to ask if it was ok - clearly trying to gauge whether he should leave it on the bill. We said it was fine, but not exactly what we were looking for. The pasta was on the bill until we asked for it to be removed - which it was. He claimed he "forgot" to take it off the bill, but I think I would believe a 5 year old with chocolate all over his face claiming he was not the one who took the last cookie more than this joker.

The real kicker came to the wine selection. We had already started with a very reasonable $50 bottle of champagne when I started asking about a bottle of red to go with dinner. I specifically asked about a couple of $65 bottles of Oregon Pinot Noir. He tried to steer me towards a $100 bottle and I was clearly not interested in spending that much and asked for other suggestions. Then, this waiter had the audacity to tell me how wonderful a $693 dollar of wine was and how much we would enjoy it with our food. I wasn't quite sure what to say to him so I sent him away to get the sommelier (who was ver helpful in picking out a $58 bottle of red burgundy).

What would you all have done in this situation - I feel like I probably should have told the manager how inappropriate the waiter was across mulitple dimmensions. I have never been recommended a bottle anywhere close to that price (probably $120 at most). IMHO, if you are looking for an expensive bottle you should ask for it proactively, not try and be sold. I can understand moderate upselling, restaurants are businesses, but could you imagine walking into a Honda dealer and being told you should really be looking at Porsches?

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