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When is Special K not Special K?


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When is Special K not Special K?

Walnetto | Mar 6, 2002 08:30 PM

Special K is my favorite cereal. I've been scarfing the stuff down every morning for years, but have always lamented the cost. It's one of the more expensive cereals on the shelf. So when I saw big boxes on sale at a neighborhood store for a mere $2.99 for 475 grams (about 15.8 oz.) I grabbed it. It turns out this is not the Special K I know and love. It most closely resembles Rice Krispies in flavor, with small concave, round flakes. Nothing at all like the standard Special K. It seems it's made in Ontario for the Canadian market. If so, our friends up North don't know what they're missing because this stuff is pretty darn pallid in comparison.

By the way, I have been eating Special K for so long I remember when Kellogg changed the formula about 25-30 years ago. I believe it used to be similar to the current Canadian version, then they "redesigned" it into what it is now. I decided then I liked the new version, and now I consider it the "authentic" Special K. Does anyone else have memories of that earlier incarnation? If so, you might try finding a box of the Canadian K -- it could be your own "remembrance of things past." (And save you a few bucks, to boot.)

PS. I like to put dried currants, not raisins on my K. Yum!

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