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Special Diets 23

Special education teachers and parents, do you think doctors often get carried away with spefial diets for children with autism and adhd??

krissyafite | May 15, 201501:42 PM

Am I thebonly one who feel this way? Excuse my por typing, im on a touch screen. I feel like drs automatically assume if a child has autism they are alergic to milk and wheat. I am all for a more natural diet, like in the 80s the Feingold diet was common (although not always the most convenient to follow like a bible, but great as a guide, children can eat most common foods.) However, the new thing now seems to be no dairy, no wheat, no nuts. I think in general dr.s over diagnose good alergies. But mostly for children with disabilities as if they found some miracle cure. I get that you dont need dairy or wheet to be healthy, but if I was a mom I would hate to not be able to allow my child a bowl of regular icecream on occasion (unless it realy could hurt them) and many cheeses, unles you gave a severe alergy to milk protines are safe. I do understand the seriousness of food alergies, and I do understand certain cultures are more prone to childhood alergies that get outgrown. I wrote this cause I know a remarkable woman with asbergers and she is not on a special diet. She does eat healthy, she eats lots of veggies and sushi,stays away from most meats except organic chicken and wild caught fish. She loves duzhi. She never drinks soda or soft drinks,her mom buys organic dairy and organic whole wheats,but if shes out she can get what she wantscwithin reason. She is doing well which give some credit to her diet at keast her doingcwell physically. Shes think, in good health. She is bright, she taught hersekf to speak Japanize, but that can just be how she is, but she didnt need any restrictive diet. The real life rain man probably didnt follow such a diet, yes the movie was based on a real person, not tge story just tge charactor. Alsi I worked with special children and they ate what they want.

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