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very special bourbon (and glasses?) for a wedding gift


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very special bourbon (and glasses?) for a wedding gift

meg944 | Aug 13, 2008 10:36 AM

I have a very good friend of 20 years who is getting married in late November. We’ll be getting them some household stuff off the registry, but I’d also like to get him a more individual present. He really likes bourbon, so I was thinking about some of the Riedel bourbon glasses and a nice bottle. Right now his “house brand” is Bakers, but I would like to get him something nicer. I thought it would be neat to get him a 20-year-old bourbon. He and his fiancée have been together for 10-years, so that could work as well. But the aging thing, while it would be nice if it worked out, is not of paramount concern – ultimately I am looking for a really good value and something he can happily drink for a long time.

So, my questions:
1) Are the Riedel bourbon glasses worthwhile? If not, is there something else that would be good?
2) What would be a good choice for a bottle in the, say, $75-125 range? I’ll happily pay less if there’s a screaming deal out there, but I wouldn’t really want to pay more for his bourbon than for his wife’s cookware.
3) I know some choices in this price range are hard to find – any tricks to getting limited edition stuff?

Thanks for your insights – I am pretty much strictly a wine drinker, so I am pretty lost when it comes to the world of high-end spirits.

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