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Spearmingt Gelato...the photo is up!


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Spearmingt Gelato...the photo is up!

nooodles | Jul 12, 2005 01:57 AM

I did a twist on the epicurious recipe for basil ice cream. The only changes were:

-spearmint instead of basil, and about four times as much as the recipe calls for (just use all the leaves in the bunch!)
-half and half (nonfat) instead of cream. It does have the HFCS, however (sigh, life's just never perfect).

Some notes:

-beautiful color! Someone posted awhile ago that their mint ice cream neeeded food coloring. This did not need any because the recipe calls for pureeing the mixture and straining. The color was as green as a typical green tea ice cream, though the lighting in the photo is off.

-half a teaspoon of peppermint extract is necessary to provide that icy cold flavor. Spearmint leaves added plenty of herby flavor, but if you want that chill, add extract. My way of describing it was that there was plenty of "spear" but not enough "mint" otherwise.

-I'm really sensitive to egginess in ice cream and could still taste the egg yolk in this yolk-based ice cream, but it really was very much masked by the mint, which I loved.

-I watched the temperature carefully and ended up with one of the creamiest, least icy ice creams I've made so far. It also held up well in the fridge for five days. It might have lasted longer, but I ate it all.

-DO use a thermometer, and DO take the time to beat the initial yolk and sugar mixture until it's almost as thick as pudding. It will seem watery at first, then firm up after a few minutes on high (I used a cheap hand mixer). I took these extra precautions this time and ended up with a much better result than in the past.

Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

Image: http://www.jimmyshang.com/peggy/blahg...

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