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Speaking of Barilla

Carol Chubiz | Jun 7, 2001 01:22 AM

While living in Slovenia, one of my quick meals was Barilla pasta with the Barilla sauce with green and black olives. I loved it. Barilla was a very popular brand in Slovenia. Restaurants that didn't make their own pasta would sometime advertise that this was the pasta they used implying that it was high quality.

When I returned to the US over a year ago, I was pleased to see that Barilla pasta was often on sale at some of the regular grocery stores. I was pleased that the Barilla sauce with the olives was also on the shelves. I bought some and ate it. A disappointment! It tasted bland and somewhat like Chef Boy-R-Dee from the can.

About a month ago, I found the Barilla website and sent a letter describing my experience. Here's the response:

"Carol Chubiz,

On behalf of Barilla America, Inc., we express our apologies for the incident you described to us in your e-mail. Barilla takes seriously all product issues and will investigate your complaint.

Although our Pasta is identical to the Pasta from Italy, our sauces are of a different recipe. They have been consumer tested to appeal to the American tastes. I am sorry that you did not care for our Green and Black Olive Sauce.

We will be sending you replacement vouchers.

Barilla is the best selling pasta company worldwide, and we take pride in our product, right down to every last package. We value you as a customer and hope you will continue to buy and enjoy Barilla Pasta and Sauce for years to come. Thank you for
your loyalty and support.

Kimberly Humann"

Today I receive a voucher for a bottle of Barilla sauce and an apology for the "incident." I guess they take "appeal to the American tastes" very seriously not to consider changing the sauce back to the European tastes.

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