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Spaghetti Lunghi Con Archetto - four foot long arched spaghetti ... and what do those numbers mean?

rworange | Dec 11, 200909:34 PM

A local discount store was selling De Cecco spaghetti no. 500. Photo from Amazon

It seems like they may have discontinued it and I can understand why ...just how do you store this stuff? Package length is actually 2 feet. It is hung on a dowel to dry and so there is a little arch at the top like a U

There are other brands that are not as long (3 feet) but it is the same deal ... hung on a dowl.

First of all, what does that number mean after spaghetti. Usually it is no 9 or some lower number. I am guessing it is length?

Why would pasta be made this long? The recipe on the pacakge is just for spaghetti with clams. Somewhere in Italy people must want these extra long strands. Why?

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