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anchovy | Mar 21, 2009 06:05 AM

I was soooo excited for my Spadaro dinner last night but what a let down. I've traveled through Italy many times and have eaten at most of the good recommended Italian restaurants around including NYC, Bklyn, Bronx and Westchester. I'm the guy who thinks Mulino's is WP is one of the worst.

Add to that I have no problem with the no-menu experience - but don't make feel like an idiot for not automatically knowing how that specific kitchen operates and what they offer as far as range. "Would you like to start off with a salad" - well I'm not sure are there ANY other options? Oh, I can have an antipasto? OK we'll have that - 12 plates come out - I swear the roasted red peppers came out of a jar - the asparagus was so woody I couldn't chew them AND IT'S FREAK'IN ASPARAGUS SEASON!!! Some had no taste and some were ok - we liked the slices of provolone. HELLO...

The wine selection experience was horrible. "Which one would you like from those wines over there?" Is there a list - no - ok - what is the price range? - oh they start at $32 but we have one for $28 - OK I'll take a $32 dealers choice - when she brought one over, just to test she had no clue - she told me it was a Merlot-Sangiovese blend - she searched the bottle but couldn't find the origin region - and yes she was searching the labels. It was fine.

I was quickly loosing my appetite so I figure a good test of a good italian place is the filetto di pomodoro. OK now the raves on this place is the AUTHENTICITY. The freak'in mushad pasta was SWIMMING IN A BOWL OF SAUCE. Have you ever even been to italy in order to get that accent?

All of the above the bill was $108 - too much for what we had but whatever. So people who like the place can now come out of the woodwork. But, you tell me this place is authentic and you bring me over-cooked linguine SWIMMING in a soup of red sauce? Sorry people - you don't know authentic.

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