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Soymilk Brands

jen maiser | Jan 21, 2004 03:01 PM

What's your favorite soymilk brand? Do you choose different soymilk for drinking vs. cereal vs. coffee?

I am particularly looking for an organic soymilk if possible.

Here are the results of testing I have done in my house:

Vitasoy Creamy. Good taste, Good texture. More substantial than other watery brands. Not organic. GOOD PLUS

Vitasoy Vanilla. Good taste, Good texture. Not organic. GOOD PLUS

Westsoy Organic Original. Pretty watery. OK in coffee, but has a funny bite when I drink it alone. GOOD MINUS

Edensoy Organic Vanilla. Watery. OK taste. I haven't tried it in coffee. Funky mouthfeel. NEUTRAL

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