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"Soy sauce" used in American-style Recipes


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"Soy sauce" used in American-style Recipes

SamCurt | Apr 30, 2017 09:56 AM

This is probably only an issue for an half-Asian who cooks more Asian than American.

We have soy sauces from several traditions--Japanese shoyu, usukuchi and Tamari, Southern Chinese Light and Dark, and a small amount of kecap manis as well.

And then I looked at an American grill marinade recipe that asked for "soy sauce" without quantification, and have no idea which bottle in my fridge should I use.

I understand Kikkoman shoyu is the best-selling retail soy sauce in the US; but does that necessarily mean when "soy sauce" comes up in an American recipe, it implies that type of soy sauce as well?

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