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So...What did You Cook for Sunday Dinner?


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So...What did You Cook for Sunday Dinner?

niki rothman | Aug 7, 2006 12:44 AM

Yes, i've heard it's HOT in the entire rest of the country (120 in North Dakota!), even including the usually cooler northwest, but here in SF the fog has blown in, and as usual for late afternoon, regardless of the season, it's chilly.

So I used the chill as an excuse to finally follow Grandma Gertrude's "rolled cabbage" recipe to the letter. For years I've been winging it pretty successfully based on memory alone, but recently my mom gave me Grandma's hand written, food stained instructions. She was born in Riga, Latvia and lived to 100 - regal to the last. She was a great Jewish cook and her rolled cabbage is so delicious that I wanted to share it with my chowhound chef buddies.

Rolled Cabbage

2 pounds chuck - chopped
1 cabbage about 3 pounds - put in pot and steam with 1/2 cup water for 10 minutes -let cool & remove leaves.
Mix chopped meat with 1/2 to 3/4 cup cold water and 1/2 cup raw rice, 2 eggs - salt & pepper.
Chop 1 large onion and the small inner leaves of the cabbage.
Place in a large pot with 1 cup cold water & cook for about 10 minutes.
Spread leaf of cabbage on board or plate & place one large tablespoon of meat mixture then fold leaf over on 2 sides & roll up -Place closely in pot on top of onion - cabbage mixture which has been mixed with 1 can of tomato paste, juice of 1 lemon and salt & pepper, and sugar to taste.
Then, after all the rolls are in the pot, pour the contents of a large can of V-8 on top so that so that it covers completely and add about 1 cup of water.
Let boil for 2 (!) hours (note: sorry Grandma, I'm simmering it for 45 minutes only. Boiling cabbage 2 hours? No wonder your apartment house smelled like that...)
Shake pot occasionally so that it doesn't burn and keep a steady but not too high flame.
Watch carefully and add water if it boils down too much.
When cool refrigerate. You should have several meals from this if you have and entree and cooked fruit dessert.
Hope you have success in this endeavor.

And, so what did YOU cook for Sunday dinner?

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