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new southwind coffee in chinatown


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new southwind coffee in chinatown

ltjbukem | Mar 17, 2002 03:15 PM

has anyone been to this gem of a place on division street b/w canton restaurant and fuleen seafood on the block opposite the confucius plaza complex? i went there yesterday after having an itch from years past, where my parents would buy tons of food from there to go to my great aunt's place in confucius plaza. anyhow, for the uninitiated, this place is a dirty down home chinese coffee shop that specializes in three things, imo. one is these crepes, similar a bit to the crepes you get a dim sum with either beef or shrimp wrapped inside. except these are not served wtih that soy sauce. instead, they are just rolled pieces of white crepe with dried shrimp and scallions in it. delicious. with some hot sauce it is heavenly. i think it is only $.50 per crepe. second is the beef or pork dumplings that come in broth. not soup dumplings, not dim sum dumplings, but larger. i don't know what they re called. but an order comes with three of these. third is a huge piece of tofu with beef in the middle with broth and oyster sauce lavished on it with scallions. me and a friend got these and the bill was ony $9.20 total for both with two cokes. very old school place. it has the requisite gritty chinatown feel, as we were eating at the coffee bar and the lady behind the counter was washing dishes and every now and then, she would throw a dish rag on the counter, right in front of our dishes. but who cares. i love this place.

unfortunately, i don't know what to call these dishes in english. in cantonese, the first one is called 'cheung fun' the second is called 'sooy gaow' and the third is called 'duw fu', or 'tofu' in chinese accent.

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