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I made southern-style greens for the first time and life is good


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I made southern-style greens for the first time and life is good

RealMenJulienne | Oct 17, 2012 09:08 AM

I'm no southerner, so I encountered southern-style greens later in life. It was love at first taste but I always imagined they were made with some kind of complicated gumbo-like stewing process, which intimidated me away from making them at home. So in the past I limited my intake to infrequent BBQ joint excursions where I would inhale greens like a hippopotamus eating swamp vegetation.

Not to mention, I grew up in a Chinese family where vegetables were stir-fried until just barely done, and god help you if you overcooked the bok choy. This kind of childhood indoctrination is very hard to break so my home has gone greens-less for many years, BUT NO LONGER.

Fellow yankees, I am here to say that southern-style greens are easy to make, don't actually take long to cook, and may in fact be the finest vegetable dish indigenous to North America. Here's all I did: Rough chop three big bundles of turnip and collard greens while picking out the thicker and tougher stems. Dice and sauté a couple strips of bacon, then cook down minced onion, red chile, and garlic in the pork fat. Add greens and stir-fry until wilted, then cover with chicken stock and heat to a simmer for an hour or until they look olive-drab. Season to taste with hot sauce and salt. Serves like a dozen and tastes better the next day. Try em, I bet you'll like em.

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