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Southern Fried Chicken Reproduced In The UK [split from UK board]

FrBill | Nov 3, 2011 08:54 AM

Well, it seems to have taken me a couple of days to recover...in a very nice way! I did it! Chez Moi pulled through with glowing colours! The only thing missing were the sounds of crickets on the Bayou. Without any wanton hubris whatsoever, I dare say the fried chicken dinner I made would have earned itself a chorus of guttural yummy sounds from the folks in the Midnight Garden of Good and Evil! The green beans I attempted weren't quite as good but I fervently believe I deserve at least one chicken neck for making an attempt. Admittedly I didn't get that one right. But the chicken...spot on!

The problem is that I don't want to have to recreate such an exercise, especially when it comes to scrubbing down the kitchen walls to get all the airborne grease from it.

The ever-elusive secret diner in the UK remains so. I've attached a photo as a testament to my endeavours. This weekend I intend to take a stab at barbecue. Not quite the season for it, but things like that have never hindered me.

I LOVED the chicken...even the dog gave kudos for a job well done!

Perhaps we need to find an entrepreneur who would consider importing a smattering of people from South Georgia, along with a translator, to come to Blighty and run a restaurant for us. Surely it could be a success?

No more digression....I promise!

And by the way I'm talking about MY restaurant in this paragraph! Jolly good it is! :-)

Fr Bill+

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