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South Carolina Birth Place of BBQ


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South Carolina Birth Place of BBQ

Paul in S.C. | Jan 21, 2006 10:24 AM

at least on these shores thanks to Bernard Quayle, an early English settler in colonial Charleston ( check out my other BBQ post ). Without him we would not have as much to debate on this forum.

As a southerner by birth and South Carolinian by the grace of God I offer these "Q" isms for your consideration.

1. If it's not pork it's not BBQ.

2. If the BBQ is not sauced it's just smoked pork.

3. Grilling out is not barbecueing.

4. Good backyard BBQ requires certain rituals by adult males.

5. Pig pickin is DIY BBQ.

6. BBQ is honest non-pretentious food and is best enjoyed in honest non-pretentious settings.

7. Good BBQ hash contains all parts of the pig except the squeel.

8. Folks outside of the Carolina's don't know much about BBQ hash.

9. Folks in Georgia think hash is Brunswick Stew.

10.BBQ in the south is more than just a food it's a culture.

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