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South Beach Trip Report (somewhat long)

Rantipole | May 17, 2005 06:51 PM

I questioned whether to even post this, as I kinda messed up, didn't go where I should have, and so have nothing stellar to report. But, I hate when people come on these boards, ask for advice, and then disappear without giving any feedback. So, with that enticing introduction, here goes!

Lunch on Sunday was at Nexxt Cafe on Lincoln Road. My very non-chow cousin took me there. I had a burrito, which was actually pretty good, but what is up with the serving sizes there??? It is just gross to have this huge plate of food come out. Maybe it is geared for the middle-America tubbo tourists. I barely touched the mound of rice and beans--no great loss, as they were fine, but nothing special. I just thought of this! Some lime would have been nice there. The avocado wontons appetizer: I think the fried wonton part, which on its own was good, crispy where it should be, and had a decent sauce, kind of overwhelmed the avocado. It seemed kind of a waste of avocado.

Dinner: I stopped first at the roof top bar at The Hotel for the view and I heard their cocktails were good. I had the "mojito cocktail", er, "mojito martini" (sorry-- pet peeve... not all cocktails are martinis... anyway...) That was basically a mojito with about a shot of champagne, served straight up in a cocktail glass. It was good, but I noticed the bartender used some Rose's Lime Juice in addition to the real lime juice... bad sign. Luckily the rest of the ingredients were good, so the drink was still good. Regarding the rest of the cocktail list (sorry, "martini list"... ): practically every other cocktail had sour mix. C'mon, we're in south Florida, and you can't use fresh lemon/lime/etc juice? They need to fix that immediately.

I had gotten a couple good ideas from this board, but usually like to ask locals in person whenever possible. I got several recommendations for Grillfish, so went there first. I should have been more specific when asking for recommendations, because Grillfish was not what I was looking for (small dish/tapas, eclectic fresh ingredient type place.) Turns out, there used to be a Grillfish in Boston, where I’ve been. I just ordered the steamed mussels appetizer, so as to get out to try somewhere else. The mussels had a good wine and garlic sauce, though a little "creamier" than I like, but that's just a personal preference. The mussels themselves were fine.

Then I went to Tallulah's (where I should have gone in the first place) but they had stopped serving dinner already! (10:00) This was not the South Beach I had heard of! So, I went around to another recommended place, Bond St Lounge for sushi. The mixed greens salad was big and leafy and I love ginger dressing, so kind of hard to go wrong with that one with me. The sushi.... I have had better. It was fine, but I was bummed out since, again, this was recommended highly by an actual person. I *know* there is better sushi than that in Miami.

I had time the next day to hang out for lunch, so went to Nikki Beach. I hate to break it to you, but this was far and away the best meal experience I had. I had the gazpacho with lobster, and the whitefish ceviche. The lobster bits were fresh and tasty; the gazpacho was a little more "blended" (not as chunky) as I'm used to, but it was well seasoned and yummy. The ceviche was served almost like a tartar is served, and was on top of some marinated cucumbers... man, that was good. Sitting in a shady spot, sipping a couple good mojitos, and having that for lunch... I did not want to leave!

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