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sourdough "culture," in all senses of the word


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sourdough "culture," in all senses of the word

lynn harris | Jul 30, 2002 07:09 PM

Hi --
I'm a loyal Chowhound lurker who's writing an article for Gastronomica magazine (see if you're curious) on sourdough starter/culture and the communities that spring up around it — the people who share starter in their neighborhoods or mail it to strangers who send self-addressed Ziplocs, who engage in delightfully chemically arcane tips and techniques on the web, etc. (See, for example, these fine folks: .)

With the permission of the Big Dog, I'm posting here to ask:
> are any of you members of such a community of — and, speaking as a total sourdough slacker myself, I honestly mean this in the most flattering way — Sourdough Geeks?

> do you have a starter with a great story (really old, from a faraway place, etc..)?

> do you have any other anedcotes about sourdough "culture," eg having witnessed people coming to blows over issues such as, God forbid, using commercial yeast to start a starter?

Feel free to post right back here if it's interesting to others, or to email me directly if you'd prefer me to call you or something ... whatever's comfortable and appropriate. Anything posted here will be duly credited to you and to

Thank you so much!

Lynn Harris

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