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Is There A U. S. Source For Calabrian Hot Peppers (World's Best Tasting Hot Pepper)


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Is There A U. S. Source For Calabrian Hot Peppers (World's Best Tasting Hot Pepper)

Joe H. | Dec 14, 2002 09:46 AM

Last week in Italy I bought several jars of Calabria hot peppers ("round chillies") and Calabrian hot pepper spread ("passata di peperoncini piccanti). The two companies have websites: and Both are in Italian and, to the best of my knowledge, do not ship to the U. S. I have found nothing on the internet for either of these except that which can be purchased in Italy. I've sent e-mails to both to see if they will ship to me here but often when I've done this in the past I've found that some European companies are reluctant to do this unless you contact them direct on the phone. Then it can depend on who answers the phone and whether or not they speak English and want to go to the trouble.
Anyway, has anyone seen either of these anywhere in America? Or on the internet that will ship to America? Please don't tell me to go to a website specializing in hot peppers-I've tried almost all of them and remarkably, no one seems to have heard of Calabrian hot peppers.
I've eaten a lot of hot peppers around the U. S. and Europe and these are the best I have ever tasted. The flavor is quite distinctive and they are almost as hot as habaneros. They are also the most expensive hot peppers I've ever had with the jar of "round chilis" selling in Italy for 10.50 Euros for about a pint in a "preserve" jar.
Anyway, has anyone seen a jar of either anywhere in America?


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