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How do you do sour?


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How do you do sour?

sueatmo | May 27, 2011 04:49 PM

After decades of watching my fat and now watching my carb intake, I learned to like certain foods done differently than in the past. I like a sour hamburger, for instance. I like my low carb burgers from Hardees, or from my own kitchen, to be wrapped in lettuce leaves with mustard and pickle, no mayo and no ketchup. I love the mustardy sour taste of the burger. I love what we locals call "St. Louis salad," which has a dressing made of the oil found on jarred artichokes. Sour, sour, sour and addictive. Sometimes you encounter this salad with sweetener added to the sour dressing. For me this is utterly wrong. I want the sour taste of the artichokes in the salad without any sweetness. I also like to make my homemade vinaigrette sour, although white balsamic vinegar sweetens it to some extent. Today I made ham and cheese rollups with sliced dill pickles in the center of each. Such a nice way to eat Swiss cheese and ham. There are probably other sour things I like. Well I do like a nice big sour green olive, come to think of it. And I like saurkraut cooked with potato and sausage, too. What ways do you do sour?

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