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"Souperb" Potato Leek Soup-Hot or Cold


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"Souperb" Potato Leek Soup-Hot or Cold

cast iron collector | Jan 24, 2002 07:45 AM

This is a recipe that I made up--I have a problem following recipes. This version makes a hell of a lot of soup--of course, you can cut it in half if you want.

2 Tb. Minced Garlic or more
3/4 Stick Butter
Tsp. Fresh Thyme
Tsp. Fresh dill

6 Leeks
3 Large Russett Potatoes, peeled only if you want.
3 Stalks of Celery

Enough Chicken Stock to Completely cover all of the above, or Water with about 4-5 Knorr Brand Vegetarian or Chicken Bouillon Cubes. (I personally think either is fine)

1/2 Quart Half and Half or Heavy cream, depending on taste.

Wash Leeks THOROUGHLLY--they get sand and dirt deep in the folds. Cut them in half crosswise, with just a little of the green leafy part.(Keep the white end) Discard the rest of the "leaves". Cut them in half lengthwise, wash again, then and chop into 1/2 sections. Wash and de-string the celery and chop into 1/2" sections.

Melt Butter in Large Stock Pot along with Garlic, Dill, and Thyme, until very slightly browned and very aromatic. Add Leeks and celery and stirfry over hot flame. Turn down heat and let sit. Wash and Peel Potatoes (I prefer them with the vitamin rich skin--It will make a "prettier" soup without them--if you care) Slice potatoes very thin, so they will cook better without having to "boil" the mixture. Add Potatoes and cchicken stock to pot, let simmer on medium heat until potatoes are thoroughlly cooked. Try to avoid rapid boiling as this destroys flavor.

Remove from heat. Add Cream or Half and Half, stir well. Wait until cool (if using a blender, or you'll burn the motor out like I almost did) and puree very well in a blender or food processor.

Serve hot or cold, like vichysoisse.

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