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"Soul Food" definition

Sandy | Feb 12, 2003 06:50 AM

I have noticed on most of the Chowhound boards references in various contexts to "soul food," most recently on this board under the thread "Chicken & Waffles." Having lived all of my life (71 years) in the south, where the concept of "soul food" apparently originated, I can assure you that waffles are as far from soul food as would be crepes suzette or truffles. Or pate de foie gras. Stick pudding or liver mush, yes; pate, no. The usual definition assumes the origin as Southern African-American food, but I have never noticed any difference between this food and what most other native southerners normally eat (or ate), allowing for regional differences (which are legion).

My question is: In the opinion(s) of this board, what constitutes "Soul Food?"

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