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SOS Making new england style hotdog buns for lobster roll without having eletrical mixer is possible???

hae young | Sep 7, 200909:02 AM

HI i tried to make the new england style lobster roll buns from the recipe of Chef jasper white in his book : Lobster At Home. but i think i failed. because it didnt look like the the hod dog buns in the pictuer of it in the web.
there is his recipe ; http://www.cooking.com/Recipes-and-Mo...
actually i do not have any clue what exactly went wrong, even though i was somewhat suspicious from the biginning due to no such formal self-experience to do this.
i just tried to follow his recipe but in reality i also didnt or cannt do exactly as same as he did in the recipe.
at first i didnt warm the water( 1/4 cup ) to mix instant dry yeast and sugar with it. rather i just mix them with water just right out of the tap. i felt water was not really cold when i touched it but i thought now is just early september. and then i add them into flour( more or less than 4 cups ) mixture that are combined with flour, salt, and 2 lightly beaten eggs with COLD 1/2 CUP OF MILK which is just out of refrigerater . then i removed roughtly 3 table-spoon of butter just melted in my sauce pan into the the flour and yeast mixuture by using table spoon.
and violating the recipe of his, i didnt pour over the mixuter any additional 1/4 cup of water.
i couldnt because i felt it became already the soaky and gooi mushy mixtue. how could i ?
i think most of my adjustments from this process on is due to the reality that i do not own any electic mixer in my kitchen. yeah. someday in near future i think i would have the one. but now i dont.

so until then,i have to deal with this types of baking entiely by depending on manual labour.
when i finished kneading, i wasnt really sure whether it's really done. j white wrote that total 8 mints required when doing that by hands. yeah it took 8 mints. but due to some sticking dough issue, my hand wasnt efficent enough but i somewhat expected it to be better than disaster.
i put the dough into insdie of the stainless mixing bowl which is lightly dusted in with a pinch of flour.
in the book, it says that doubling will take more or less 1 hour. i observed that process it seemed to really bloom. it became little larger but more horizontally rather than vertically. i dont know the appearance of dough is appropriate for saying that it is doubled. (according to my mom, she said that it will probably take much longer than 1 hour. but i falsfied her advice because no baking books i have says more than i hour required in some other kinds of baking bread.)
i divide them roughly into 12, not that 13.
when i put those 12 seperated doughs onto baking pan, which is about 25 or 30 mints before i was preheating the oven in 350 F degrees. it seemd very ugly and not so bigger. but overcame with that fear,i expected their each size to be much larger than the moments before i put them into oven.
after 30 or 35 mins of baking, the result finally came out awfully. it wasnt what i expected.
but i was trying to be patient and waited untill more 1 hour and 20 mins passed from then on.
and i did cut them into picese because they were little more than slightly stuck each other.
and i tasted.
outside was only little softer than the that of bread the baguett and inside was not really great.
it was never usual other types of hot dog buns' texure or taste. i say this because i have still no experience of eating lobster rolls. i have imagined it to be a little simmilar with that of regular hot dog buns.
i have no clue.
do you have any good suggestion for doing it better next time?
thanks for reading

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