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I felt before I post questions to the Boston board I might as well give a review. My Husband and I went to Sorellina the other night for my birthday and had an exquisite time.

The Arrival

We had theatre tickets and so we needed to be in the first sitting. We arrived early and were not allowed to sit at our table until first sitting at 5:30 but the hostess was very apologetic and offered us the choice to sit at the bar or the bench. We chose to look at the restaurant and eventually settled on the bench. We were not the first group there however as my husband told the waitress we need to get out for the theatre she sat us first.

The Décor

Let me back track a bit when I talk about Décor and note that Sorellina has a wonderful location at a fork and the exterior façade is clean and inviting, and once you enter your not disappointed. Nice dark hardwoods accented by white couch like booths it is sheek and modern. The table we got was for two people and we had an L shaped booth so both of us were at a smaller table but both got booth seats and next to each other. I can’t speak to how comfortable the chairs are but I sank into those booths and even got a pillow too. The décor in my book was a 10/10.


For appetizers I ordered the Caesar salad and my husband ordered the tuna tartar. The Caesar salad had an upscale presentation with a single wedge of romaine lettuce and a single long crouton. It was both artistic and tasty; however it was nothing overly special about it. My husbands tuna tartar was absolutely stunning in both presentation and taste. It was served in a white bowl with crushed ice in it and then a glass bowl on top of the crushed ice with his appetizer. His appetizer was the tuna tartar on top of a spicy mustarda aioli, a hint of chili vinegar, and a freshly fried wonton to eat it with. The spiciness of the mustard paired perfectly with the tuna, my husband didn’t want to let me taste any of it. After he gave me a bite I could see why the cool sushi grade tuna married so harmoniously with the spicy mustarda aioli. If I had gotten the tartar as well it would be a 10/10 but since I had the Caesar salad 8/10

Main Course

For the main course I had the 8 oz Filet with beech mushrooms, whipped potatoes and a Barolo sauce. My husband got either a fish special which I believe was sea bass mushrooms and butternut squash. My dish was cooked perfectly to medium rare temperature as requested, and the balance of salty and sweet melded perfectly I thoroughly enjoyed how everything worked together in my mouth. My husbands main course on the other hand was not good at all. His fish was presented beautifully skin side up in a gorgeous fall orange colored sauce; however the presentation was misleading. A pet peave of mine is that if you place a piece of fish skin side up you better be sure that the skin is crispy, and it was crispy around the edges and overly soggy in the center. The balance of the dish was a bit off he mentioned that it was a bit too sweet and he was searching for the acid that he never could find. Overall I would give my main course a 9/10 but he said his was a 6 so lets call it a 7.5/10.


Since it was my birthday I got the cioccolato and my husband got the zeppole. My cioccolato was a well prepared budino with vanilla gelato. The gelato was great but the star was the budino which was sweet and rich but the gelato helped bring it back to a perfect level of sweetness for a desert. My husbands Zeppole was 3 freshly fried zeppole and the honey ginger was nice, his only complaint was there were only 3. It was an amazing cap to a great first part of the evening. I would give it a 9/10


The service overall for the night was not bad as I said the hostess at the beginning was very apologetic that she couldn’t seat us right away and our waitress was nice but nothing memorable, our waters were filled constantly and they cleared our tables when we were done. Maybe it was because we had to go to the theatre but there was nothing special about the service in my humble opinion. I would give the service a 7/10


Overall my impression is that the tuna tartar is a must try, and be wary of the fish the skin is probably hit or miss but their food is balanced well, and desert was a great capping point to this part of the evening. I would give Sorellina 4.5 stars but since that isn't an option I gave it 5 stars and if you want a nice night out this is a great choice.

One Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02116

1 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02116

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