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Sorbet won't freeze, I know where I went wrong.. Is it possible to fix it?

Leeny23 | May 17, 201206:34 AM

Hi there, I'm new to the discussion boards, I've been reading for a while but have never needed to post for any reason.. I'm currently making some sorbet (this recipe to be exact http://chewwonthis.wordpress.com/2012... ) .. But after having the mix in the freezer to chill right down most of the night (after being in the fridge all day), and putting it in a fully frozen ice cream maker, it won't freeze at all. I'm assuming because of the invert sugar in the recipe.. Her's seemed to freeze, mine won't at all.

Is it possible I boiled the invert sugar mix too long? If so, is there any way I can recover the sorbet mix so I can still use it? I don't really want to toss it in the bin. Could I make another batch without using invert sugar and just use normal sugar and mix the two together? Would that be enough to counter act the effect of the invert sugar?

Or should I just toss it and call it a day? Kinda hoping there's a way to save it! Thanks a bunch :)

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