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Something's still missing in food media...

jpmcd | Jan 23, 200806:00 AM

i do look forward to my Cooks Illustrated every other month

i really do treasure my Savuer subscription, and collection

i anticipate the NYT dining section every Wednesday

read blogs here and there, but mainly just look at the pictures

and I read Chowhound to fill the gaps, occasionally posting, but I still crave MORE

like a lot of other people, i am over the food network, try to get love my fill of food tv with weekend afternoons of PBS and the occasional Bourdain - i totally cracked up during Bittman's show sun night with Michel Richard (maybe it was a repeat but i hadn't seen it before) but still these shows are on so infrequently!

and Top Chef is not on til next season...

SO WHAT's MISSING??? i can't figure it out...should I just eat out more and visit restaurants of chefs I admire? is there an expert chef blog that I don't know about? i think i'd like more insider info from the real pros, maybe?

thoughts? anyone else feel in the same boat? what do you wish there was more of?

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