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Almost sold on trying an American Buttercream with shortening...


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Almost sold on trying an American Buttercream with shortening...

Laura D. | Oct 28, 2009 07:29 PM

I'm still on my ever-present quest to find the perfect buttercream, and while I don't personally believe that this "perfect" buttercream will come in the form of an American buttercream (butter/shortening mixed with powdered sugar and flavorings) and instead lies in some sort of meringue-based buttercream that I've yet to find a perfect recipe for, I'm always up for trying new things.

This particular blogger almost has me sold on trying what she deems to be the Buttercream Dream Icing:


One issue I have with this recipe is the use of clear imitation vanilla extract since I'd much rather have a quality vanilla flavor than a perfectly white icing. But, that issue aside, the use of half butter and half shortening concerns me, as any icing I've personally made with shortening has made me nauseous. That's not to say that icings on cakes I have purchased or consumed haven't had shortening, as I know that they have, but I think that I have developed less of a taste for the shortening (and the slick mouthfeel it leaves behind) over the years. However, in order to get the not-too-buttery though not sickeningly sweet, fluffy icing I have been trying to master for years, I'm open to trying new things with ingredients I'm not 100% sold on. Has anyone made this recipe or a similar one? I know that recipes using half butter and half shortening are by no means rare, but other than one I made from the Whimsical Bakehouse Cookbook, which I thought was okay but not worth making again, I haven't tried any myself. Thanks!

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