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Solana Gold Gravenstein Applesauce

Spoony Bard | Feb 13, 200808:47 AM

Oh, so this is applesauce.

Egads, this stuff is amazing! I've been ill lately, so I've been consuming much applesauce. Saw this Solana Gold Gravenstein Applesauce (organic) in my local run-of-the-mill supermarket in New York and thought, varietal applesauce without sweetener? Why not! Turns out this isn't just any varietal, it's an heirloom, Slow Food protected, Sonoma County local throwback apple.

The flavor is unreal- tart, sweet, and rich, with a winey, floral aroma. Like the perfect baked apple, but without anything additional added. They must have mashed the apples whole, as there are nicely contrasting textures of skin and possibly seeds thrown in. Not chunky as I usually prefer, but this makes up for it in pure deliciousness.

Here's a link to Slow Food, where the producer of the applesauce is listed on the left:


Fellow hounds, it's well worth seeking out. Does anyone else make applesauce from this varietal? I heard Santa Cruz does, but is it as good as the Solana?

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