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Software to help me ORGANIZE my recipes??


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Software to help me ORGANIZE my recipes??

Michelly | Mar 14, 2011 07:09 PM

Okay...I finally got a laptop. And one thing I could really use is a software program that I can store all my recipes in so I can reduce the small mountain of index card boxes on the corner of the kitchen table, but I want something that will enable me to enter an ingredient...say, strawberries (when they were so damn good at the farmer's market that now I have 3 packs of them, but I don't want to make jam)...and I get a list of recipes from my files utilizing strawberries, preferably beginning with the recipes that require the largest amount of said ingredient.
Now I know I can just look up all the magazines that I got most of my recipes from, but I want them cross-referenced so I don't have to keep searching,, etc.
Also I want my own recipes in there so I only have to look in one spot.
Does a such a program exist and, if so, what's it called?
Did I mention that it has to be user-friendly since I am not techy at all?

Much obliged!

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