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Soft Shell / Hard Shell Lobster Debate


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Soft Shell / Hard Shell Lobster Debate

StriperGuy | Aug 6, 2004 05:35 PM

A thread on the Boston board made me think of this issue.

There are those that say they like soft shell lobsters and say things like the following:
- Meat is so sweet
- Easier to bust open
- tastes better then hard shells

It is my opinion that hard shells are far superior. To me soft shells have the following problems:
- Flabby watery meat
- Lame flavor lacking that lobstery wonderfulness
- Less meat per pound in relation to shell
- Lots of water (which you are paying for) in the shell

Earlier in the summer on Cape Cod we had a bunch of lobsters that had rock hard shells. The shells were packed with firm, meaty, sweet, succulent meat. Excellent ratio of meat to shell. Some of the best lobster I have had in a while. After eating those hard shells there is NO WAY I would ever consider a softie/shedder.

Is anyone willing to go to the mat in defense of soft shell, recently shed lobsters?

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